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Together with the Department of Quality of Life Sciences
Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna,
we have created D3: the first sweet containing Vitamin D3 to be offered with coffee.
What is the purpose?line
To help our body with its natural functions, by tasting a nice sweet.
D3 Estados Cafè
Small amounts of Vitamin D3 can be found in some foods and plays an essential functions in several of our body's processes, keeping it strong and healthy.

Hectic lifestyles often don't allow us to follow a well-balanced, complete diet. To help you integrate these gaps in diet, we have created the D3 sweet.
D3 Estados Cafè

Why is the D3 Sweet good for you?

Did you know that vitamin D

Contributes to the normal maintenance
of bones and teeth

Favours the absorption and use of
calcium and phosphorus in our metabolisms

Plays an important role in the natural process
of cell division in our bodies
Contributes to maintaining
good muscular functions

Helps to balance calcium
levels in the blood

Stimulates functioning of
the immune system
the Barley Sweet with something extra
Our company constantly expresses interest and sensitivity towards scientific and medical research. This is where the idea came from to create a barley sweet that conjures up the taste of old-fashioned sweets, mixing with the aftertaste of Estados coffee. D3 is a good sweet, that favours the body's well-being.
Together with coffee, your barista will be happy to offer you a D3 courtesy sweet. A small gesture, that symbolises care and attention towards customers. A small gift for your health and for you.
D3 Estados Cafè

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